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Combining the benefits of offline and online modes of teaching. The program aims at providing lectures, online tests and study material to students in the comfort of their homes, saving their time and energy for most of the week so that can study at their own unique pace while also calling them to a physical classroom twice/thrice a week to keep a check on their progress, conduct doubt sessions, teaching of tricky concepts and conducting of offline tests with the faculty in person. The students who live in the Delhi-NCR region can reap the benefits of this program.


The students will be sent all the quality lectures as well as our comprehensive study material at home. They will participate in our challenging and regular tests through our user friendly mobile applications. They will also be able to contact the faculty for doubts and guidance from time to time and attend zoom doubt sessions. This program is recommended for students who live outside Delhi and wouldn’t be able to join our offline classes but want to reap similar benefits.


The students will be sent all the quality lectures and join our online tests through our applications. This is recommended for students across India who are self-motivated and do not require constant faculty interactions for result achievement.